October 23, 2012


City Centre Community Association has been running recreation programs at a variety of locations in the city core since September 1993. Utilizing a number of venues and partnerships with schools, businesses, and organizations in the city core, we ensure there are recreational and cultural opportunities that meet community needs through special events, programs, and services. The Association also plays a large role in shaping a healthy, safe community by being involved with developmental issues, while connecting people with people.

Board of Directors

Community Association Executives
President: Paige Robertson
Vice President: Jose Gonzalez
Vice President: Tracey Mack
Treasurer: Ian Scott
Secretary: Noordin Jessa

Community Association Directors
Chris Chan
Henry Cheung
Marilou Yodogawa

Seeking New Applicants

We are currently seeking dynamic, community-oriented individuals to join our Board of Directors and/or as well as the following Board Committees: Fitness, Programs/Special Events, Finance, and Governance. We would like to expand the Board with volunteers from diverse backgrounds with skill sets in any of the following areas: financial expertise, strategic planning, policy development, community development, legal expertise, event planning, marketing, fundraising, human resource, technology knowledge or professional expertise with vulnerable populations, new immigrants, older adults and/or youth.

The time commitment as a Committee Member is approximately 2-3 hours per month and a minimum 1 year time commitment is preferred. The time commitment as a Board Member is approximately 4-5 hours per month and Board Members are expected to serve for a standard 2 year term.

For more information and to apply, contact Zavi Swain, Community Development Coordinator, at zswain@richmond.ca or 604-204-8582.